1. Could It Be You3:18 
2. Ain't That Love2:27 
Not Available
3. Pennies From Heaven2:29 
4. Until I Met You2:34 
5. Baby I Need Your Loving2:43 
6. Where Did You Go2:25 
7. Without The One You Love (Life's Not Worthwhile)2:53 
8. Left With A Broken Heart2:56 
9. Ask The Lonely3:00 
10. Just A Little Love (Before My Life Is Gone)3:12 
11. My Heart Is Calling You3:11 
12. I Can't Help Myself (Sugar Pie, Honey Bunch)3:24 
13. It's The Same Old Song2:46 
14. Is There Anything That I Can Do3:03 
15. Something About You2:48 
16. No Good Without You2:36 
17. Just As Long As You Need Me3:07 
18. Shake Me, Wake Me (When It's Over)2:41 
19. Loving You Is Sweeter Than Ever2:45 
20. Brenda2:37 
21. For Once In My Life2:45 
1. Reach Out I'll Be There3:04 
2. Standing In The Shadows Of Love2:36 
3. Bernadette3:00 
4. 7-Rooms Of Gloom2:30 
5. I'll Turn To Stone2:29 
6. You Keep Running Away2:48 
7. Walk Away Renee2:43 
8. Your Love Is Wonderful2:30 
9. If I Were A Carpenter2:48 
10. Just Another Lonely Night2:29 
11. Oh, I've Been Blessed3:04 
12. Yesterday's Dreams2:57 
13. Can't Seem To Get You Out Of My Mind3:21 
14. I'm In A Different World3:06 
15. What Is A Man2:33 
16. So Far2:35 
17. Don't Let Him Take Your Love From Me2:34 
18. Do What You Gotta Do4:06 
19. MacArthur Park6:31 
20. I'll Pay Double2:59 
21. Nothing2:41 
22. Barbara's Boy2:54 
23. Stranded On The Road Of Love3:01 
1. It's All In The Game2:50 
2. Love (Is The Answer)2:26 
3. Still Water (Peace) / Still Water (Love)5:53 
4. Ballad To The One I Love3:18 
5. River Deep, Mountain High4:51 
6. I'm Glad About It3:17 
7. Just Seven Numbers (Can Straighten Out My Life)3:06 
8. In These Changing Times3:24 
9. A Simple Game3:07 
10. You Stole My Love3:00 
11. So Deep Within You3:19 
12. I Can't Quit Your Love3:41 
13. (It's The Way) Nature Planned It3:38 
14. Keeper Of The Castle2:54 
15. Ain't No Woman (Like The One I've Got)3:04 
16. Love Music3:35 
17. Remember What I Told You To Forget3:49 
18. Are You Man Enough?3:20 
19. Sweet Understanding Love2:58 
20. I Just Can't Get You Out Of My Mind4:00 
21. One Woman Man4:35 
22. Main Street People (Intro) / Main Street People5:04 
1. One Chain Don't Make No Prison3:20 
2. Midnight Flower3:43 
3. Seven Lonely Nights2:56 
4. We All Gotta Stick Together4:47 
5. Catfish3:51 
6. For Your Love3:59 
7. When She Was My Girl3:22 
8. Tonight I'm Gonna Love You All Over4:55 
9. I Believe In You And Me3:59 
10. The Temptations And Four Tops Medley5:47 
11. I Just Can't Walk Away4:20 
12. Sexy Ways4:04 
13. Hot Nights3:51 
14. Red Hot Love3:49 
15. Indestructible4:28 
Not Available
16. Loco In Acapulco4:32 
Not Available
17. If Ever A Love There Was4:45 
Not Available
18. Till You Return To Me4:03 
Not Available
19. The Four Of Us4:11 
Not Available

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