1. Ladies and Gentlemen... (Live)1:16 
2. Nightwatchman (Live)4:33 
3. Even the Losers (Live)3:41 
4. Here Comes My Girl (Live)4:53 
5. A Thing About You (Live)5:05 
6. I'm in Love (Live)3:55 
7. I'm a Man (Live)2:46 
8. Straight into Darkness (Live)4:35 
9. Breakdown (Live)7:55 
10. Something in the Air (Live)3:50 
11. I Just Want to Make Love to You (Live)3:55 
12. Drivin' Down to Georgia (Live)6:25 
13. Lost Without You (Live)6:55 
14. Refugee (Live)6:06 
15. Diddy Wah Diddy (Live)2:55 
16. I Want You Back Again (Live)2:54 
17. Wildflowers (Live)3:13 
1. Friend of the Devil (Live)5:42 
2. A Woman in Love (It's Not Me) [Live]5:43 
3. It's Good to Be King (Live)12:15 
4. Angel Dream (No. 2) [Live]2:56 
5. Learning to Fly (Live)4:45 
6. Mary Jane's Last Dance (Live)5:55 
7. Mystic Eyes (Live)8:59 
8. Jammin' Me (Live)4:33 
9. The Wild One, Forever (Live)3:36 
10. Green Onions (Live)4:19 
11. Louisiana Rain (Live)5:11 
12. Melinda (Live)8:16 
13. Goldfinger (Live)4:03 
1. Surrender (Live)3:12 
2. Dreamville (Live)3:55 
3. Spike (Live)7:41 
4. Any Way You Want It (Live)2:59 
5. American Girl (Live)5:20 
6. Runnin' Down a Dream (Live)5:11 
7. Oh Well (Live)3:36 
8. Southern Accents (Live)5:01 
9. Crawling Back to You (Live)4:38 
10. My Life / Your World (Live)4:55 
11. I Won't Back Down (Live)3:27 
12. Square One (Live)3:44 
13. Have Love Will Travel (Live)3:58 
14. Free Fallin' (Live)4:46 
15. The Waiting (Live)4:14 
16. Good, Good Lovin' (Live)2:50 
17. Century City (Live)4:23 
18. Alright for Now (Live)2:50 

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